Jersey FanCrate is scheduled for 6 EXCLUSIVE RedEye Rhino jerseys a year that can not be purchased.

This subscription is CHARGED ON THE 20TH  of every other month and SHIPPED ON THE 15TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH.

You will be charged immediately when you sign up. You will not be charged on the first scheduled charge date since you were charged when you signed up. Sign up before the 20th of the scheduled charged date to receive that months FanCrate. Please refer to the schedule below to determine your next shipment date. 


Charge Date Ship Date

January 20th

February 15

March 20th

April 15

May 20th

June 15

July 20th

August 15

September 20th

October 15

November 20th

December 15

Example 1.  If you sign up on May 22nd you would have missed the charge date on the 20th. Your first FanCrate will be shipped on August 15th and you will not be charged on July 20th since you were charged when you signed up. 

Example 2. If you sign up on May 19th your FanCrate will be shipped on June 15th and your next charge will be on July 20th. 


* No coupons or discounts can be used for this product.
* No refunds once accounts are charged. 
* Subscriptions denied for insufficient funds will be cancelled immediately.