Top 5 Darts events in the USA

We have flown, driven, ridden, and walked all over the United States to attend some of the premier dart events in the country. One question we are always asked is, “What is your favorite event?” After talking it over and discussing our experiences, we have compiled the top five events for your reading pleasure. These events made our top five list because they showcase some of the most fun and best run tournaments we have gotten to enjoy. The only other rule besides we must have attended the event is we could only consider Open Events --there could be no prerequisites to play. League finals and events players had to qualify to shoot in are not included in this list.


5. Music City Classic

The first event on the list needs little introduction: Nashville’s Music City Classic. The Greater Nashville Darting Association puts on this premier steel tip dart tournament, and they do a fantastic job. You can feel the atmosphere of this event as soon as you walk in -- there’s plenty of music, laughter, friendly players, and staff. The stage at this event is the best and if you happen to make it to the stage, the winners get bottles of Music City Classic Champagne for trophies. While the event is still run on paper for now, the staff for this event are always looking to make it better. Rumor has it they are researching software to use which would fix this one con to push this into one of the best events in the nation. If you have never visited this event, be sure to put it on your list.


4. BullShooter Worlds

The only soft tip event on the list, still it manages to show up in our fourth favorite spot: Bullshooter Worlds. This event has a lot...for everyone. This four-day tournament has multiple player parties, an extremely fun atmosphere, and a great venue that is both nice and accessible. This is the only soft tip event of this caliber open to anyone --league association is not required. This event, held at the Hyatt next to the airport in Chicago, is accessible for all players whether they are travelling internationally or not. With the sheer number of players, this event can run behind. Luckily, new software running the brackets should fix some of this. Also, all the boards are now set on free play.  Players pay a “greens fee” instead of paying per match, which is a time saver. So, if you are looking for a party, a tournament that does hourly cash giveaways and offers an all-around great time, we will see you in Chicago in 2019.


3. Las Vegas Open

Welcome to the desert for the one of the best run steel tip events in the nation: the Las Vegas Open. This event has high caliber players, national events, and fantastic staff. This event draws international players, as well as the best players North America has to offer. It is always fun to go to Vegas, but it is even more fun to go when you have the opportunity to watch a player win their opportunity to play for their country. What the aesthetics and atmosphere in the tournament hall lacks the venue of Vegas makes up for. One of the biggest attributes to this event is their adoption of technology to help run everything. From using DartConnect to chalk the matches, to having electronic brackets available to be viewed on screens and smart devices, they know how to run the tourney.  If you are looking to enjoy a steel tip event with a side vacation, book your trip to Vegas.


2. Air Capital Open

Located in downtown Wichita Kansas, the Air Capital Open is exceptional. The venue is a distillery which gives a very clean polished industrial vibe. This downtown location has free parking, and is walking distance from the hotel and to many restaurants and bars. As we produce live stream events, we have to mention that this venue had incredible internet, certainly a huge benefit to us and the tournament organizers who needed the access. The event also has the second best stage out of all the events and the trophies are Air Capital Stainless Arctic cups. The “barely matters but had to be considered” things that kept this event from being our top pick included the distance from the airport, the January schedule (cold BRRRR), and the payout structure paying out too far. Even with these in mind, this is still --by far-- one of our favorite events and attendance is encouraged. And don’t forget your RedEye Rhino Hoodie or Ultimate Team Gear Jacket.


1. Witch City Open

The Witch City Open starts with an amazing flight into Boston. If you have never flown into this is awesome! There are so many positive things about this event --certainly the list has to include the participants, the technology, the staff, and the history. One of the biggest highlights of this event is the engagement of the youth. Youth players are the future of the sport we love and this event really showcases some of the best youth in the country.  When it comes to running an event, these guys have it down. They use digital software to run the brackets, and DartConnect to score the matches. It is the BEST run tournament in the country. The atmosphere is very postive and reminds of some of our favorite soft tip events that are pure fun and enjoyment. Between the history of steel tip darts this region, the people who run this event, and the participants (young and old alike) make this our favorite event in the country.

Agree or disagree, these are our favorites. There are many events in this country and we are lucky to have experienced many if not most of them. And remember if you need dart supplies shop and for custom jerseys shop

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